8 mil Dura-Skrim® Reinforced Plastic Sheeting


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8 mil Dura-Skrim® White/Black reinforced plastic sheeting is a heavy duty, lightweight plastic sheeting film with UV inhibitors that can be used in a variety of indoor or outdoor applications. It is highly resistant to punctures and tearing.

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SKU: DS8WB Category: Aquaponic/Hydroponics Liners, Crawl Space Encapsulation Liners, Dura Skrim Reinforced Plastic Sheeting, Heavy Duty Plastic Sheeting, Ice Rink Liners, Mud Run Liners, Pond Skimming Liners, Reinforced Plastic Sheeting, Vapor Barriers Tags: 8 mil, Heavy Duty Plastic Sheeting Applications
  • Cargo Covering
  • Crawlspace Encapsulation
  • Daily Landfill Cover
  • Divider Curtain
  • Interim Landfill Cover
  • Pit/Pond Liner
  • Remediation Cover or Liner
  • Temporary Earthen Liner
  • Temporary Erosion Control
  • Temporary Rainshed Cover
  • Underslab Vapor Retarder

8 mil Dura-Skrim® White/Black reinforced plastic sheeting is manufactured to be a heavy-duty, lightweight film that can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications. A layer of polyester scrim reinforcement is laminated between multiple layers of high strength polyethylene film to increase puncture resistance and prevent tearing. The addition of UV inhibitors and thermal stabilizers extend service life in a wide range of temperatures. 8 mil Dura-Skrim® has versatile uses including but not limited to construction activities, environmental covers and liners, and temporary enclosures.

Do you require a specific mil thickness? Americover offers Dura-Skrim® in mil thicknesses ranging from 6-20 mil. Color options include: clear, white, black and a dual-sided white/black option. We also offer a white fire retardant version in 6 mil and 10 mil that passes NFPA’s 701 test, method 2.

Custom sizes are available with minimum order quantities. All panels are accordion folded and tightly rolled on a heavy-duty core for ease of handling and time-saving installation.

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  • 6' x 50'
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  • 8' x 100'
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  • 12' x 100'
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  • 18' x 100'
  • 18' x 50'
  • 20' x 100'
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  • 40' x 100'
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