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Sticky Mat Starter Pack (with tray) by Americover®

Sticky Mats™ Starter Pack with tray, keeps the jobsite clean. The tray included in the starter pack makes it easy to move your sticky mats from one location to the next. The tray is sturdy, movable, and reusable, with a non-skid backing for safety.

Sticky Mats™ also known as clean room mats or tacky mats keep the job site clean by taking dust and dirt off before they become a problem. Sticky mats&trade are convenient to use because when one gets too dirty, simply peel away to a clean sheet (30 sheets per pad). This product is made from a durable 2 mil polyethylene film, and each sheet has a non-transferring adhesive that will remove dirt, dust, grit and contaminates from footwear. The bottom of each 30-sheet Sticky Mat™ has an aggressive adhesive designed to keep the mat in place. Mats are easily installed by peeling the bottom release liner off the Sticky Mats™ and placing in desired location.

Starter Pack Includes:

• (1) non skid tray (24" x 36")

• (1) Sticky Mats&trade pad of 30 sheets (size: 23" x 35")

Product Highlights

• Contaminated sheets peel off easily, exposing a fresh mat

• Each sheet has a numbered tab making sheet removal fast and easy, and showing how many sheets remain on the mat

• Stocked in blue and available in clear

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