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The Top 5 Underlayments for Vapor Barriers

The function of a moisture barrier is to help keep moisture from moving through a wall or floor. This is accomplished by using certified vapor retarder plastic sheeting while installing floors or walls that are prone to dampness or excessive moisture. Typically basements and crawl spaces will fall into these categories. It’s important to work with quality products that you can rely on to get the job done and protect your builds. Here are the top 5 underlayments for moisture barrier installation.

8 Mil White/Black Dura-Skrim® Reinforced Plastic Sheeting

Our 8 mil Dura-Skrim® reinforced plastic sheeting comes in black and white. It is a certified vapor retarder that specializes in blocking moisture migration in crawl space, ceiling, wall, and under slab applications. This product features UV inhibitors, thermal stabilizers, and carbon black plastic sheeting to enhance the service life when fully exposed to varying weather conditions.

12 Mil White/Black Dura-Skrim® Reinforced Plastic Sheeting

12 Mil Dura-Skrim® Reinforced Plastic Sheeting is a heavy duty construction and agricultural film that is excellent for both indoor and outdoor applications. These certified vapor retarder plastic panels are ideal for jobs requiring an exceptionally strong material. DURA-SKRIM® 12BB and 12WB are available in a variety of widths up to 120,000 square feet. 

20 Mil Dura Skrim® Reinforced Plastic Sheeting 

20 Mil Dura Skrim® white reinforced plastic sheeting is designed for both indoor and outdoor applications requiring an exceedingly strong material. This ultra high strength polyethylene film is extremely resistant to damage, making it ideal for vapor barriers used in areas that are prone to moisture and need the highest level of protection. This crawl space vapor barrier features white outer layers designed to reduce heat buildup and condensation. 

VaporBlock® Vapor Barrier

VAPORBLOCK® is a specialty underslab vapor barrier designed to retard moisture migration through concrete slabs-on-grade. This product exceeds ASTM E-1745 Class A, B, and C requirements for plastic water vapor retarders used in contact with soil or granular fill. VAPORBLOCK® is excellent for applications requiring a material with ultra low moisture permeability that is also resistant to decay and degradation.

PRO Crawl Barrier

PRO Crawl Barrier is a high performance multilayer extruded vapor barrier specifically designed to ensure low permeability to protect the building fabric from moisture vapor damage. This plastic sheeting is manufactured with virgin polyolefin based resins to produce high tensile strength and superior puncture resistance. This product is ideal for covering crawl spaces with high traffic.

Vapor Barrier Tape

No vapor barrier job would be complete without a sealing agent. We recommend these tapes for easy application and reliable results:

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