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Which mil Thickness is Right for your Crawlspace?

If you are repairing your crawlspace or installing your crawlspace, once you have measured the area being covered, the big question becomes what type of plastic should I get and how thick should it be?  The recommended mil thickness is 6 while the average store bought plastic is 4 mil to 6mil, is it the type of plastic you trust to keep your family safe from radon? The plastic sold at your local hardware store may be less expensive but how long will that plastic last in your crawl space before you need to replace it?  Since the other plastics are compounded mostly of recycled materials it’s lifespan is much shorter, lasting only a few years.  Americover offers a wide variety of mil thicknesses and sizes that if properly installed should last up to 20 years or more.

Economy – 6 mil String Reinforced Crawl Space Liner

String Reinforced 6 mil is an economical choice when the overriding concern is cost.  6 mil is however, not recommended for areas where there will be activity.

Good – 8 mil String Reinforced Crawl Space Liner

String Reinforced 8 mil works well over soils made of dirt, mud, clay, or sand.  Our 8 mil is frequently used on the walls in conjunction with a heavier material on the floors.

Better – 12 mil String Reinforced Crawl Space Liner

String Reinforced 12 mil is great for soils that are hard or contain small rocks or tree roots because of its puncture resistance.  This film is an excellent choice when you need to strike a balance offering economy without sacrificing quality.

Best – 20 mil String Reinforced Crawl Space Liner

String Reinforced 20 mil is one of the thickest and toughest films on the market.  It is great for commercial applications where an extra heavy duty product is required.  It’s puncture resistance makes it great for use over soils that are hard or contain large rocks or broken concrete.  Definitely the best product to use where there will be a lot of activity.

Antimicrobial – 12 mil String Reinforced Crawl Space Liner

Finally a crawlspace film that prevents the growth of harmful bacteria, fungi, mold and algae.  Tuff-Scrim TS12-AM has the antimicrobial additive blended into the poly which makes it non-migratory, wash resistant, non-toxic and environmentally safe.  Tests have proven that fungi will not grow on, near, or around TS12-AM.


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