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Prevent Moisture Migration with Under Slab Vapor Barriers

Any or All of the Above Could Happen to Your Concrete Foundation Without Proper Installation of an Under Slab Vapor Barrier.

The installation of under slab vapor barriers beneath a building's concrete foundation can prevent many expensive moisture migration problems such as flooring damage, radon contamination, mold, mildew, and poor indoor quality. In larger commercial size buildings and warehouses moisture buildup can cause delamination in the overlay or sealer, joint failure, spalling, cracking and deterioration in the concrete. Americover offers a variety of concrete slab vapor barriers that are manufactured to meet ASTM E1745 specifications, they are easy to install, as well as superior in impermeability, puncture resistance, and strength.

High Quality Under Slab Vapor Barriers

Vapor Block®


Vapor Barrier 10 & 15

Vapor Block® 6

Vapor Block® 10

Vapor Block® 15

Vapor Block® Plus 20

Griffolyn® Type-65

Griffolyn® Type-65G

Griffolyn® Type-85

Griffolyn® Type-105

Griffolyn® VAPORguard®

Griffolyn® 10 Mil Green

Griffolyn® 15 Mil Green

Vapor Barrier 10 mil

Vapor Barrier 15 mil

Under Slab Tapes

A continuous under slab vapor barrier is the most effective against moisture control, but in most cases the material has to be cut to size, so using the appropriate tape to overlap seams and seal holes is very important. Americover supplies 2 Sided Butyl Tape as well as Vapor Tape for these applications.

Butyl Tape

35mil thick double sided black rubber tape used to adhere overlapping panels of vapor barriers or vapor retarders together.

Vapor Tape

Heavy Duty, weather resistant, white sealing tape with a acrylic adhesive used for seaming large panels of vapor retarder.