BearAcade Containment Film Applicator

BearAcade™ Floor and Wall Applicators allow one or two persons to cover an entire room with BearAcade Containment Film for Abatement or Remediation, 10 times faster than using traditional poly and tape.

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  • Abatement
  • Carpet Protection
  • Demolition
  • Remediation

BearAcade™ Floor and Wall Applicators are designed specifically for the installation of BearAcade™ Abatement Containment Film. The BearAcade™ allows one or two persons to cover an entire room for abatement or remediation 10 times faster than the traditional method of installing tape and poly. The BearAcade™ system minimizes containment failure, increases worker safety and saves valuable time which ultimately results in saving you money.

BearAcade™ is availble in 2 versions. BAF for the floor and BAW for the walls. The wall applicator adjusts in an up or down motion to make it easy to cover walls all the way to the ceiling without ever climbing on a ladder.

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